Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb


  • Eine alte Küche in der Farbe Türkis, welche sich im Ernst-May-Haus befindet
    photo: Reinhard Wegmann © ernst-may-haus

The mayhaus is located in the housing estate Römerstadt, not far from the Nidda Park. The terraced house has been restored to the way it looked in 1928 when the first residents moved in. For example, you can see a living room, bedrooms, a bathroom and the famous Frankfurter Küche. It is the forerunner of today’s built-in kitchens and was very modern back then – today, however, we would miss the refrigerator and the microwave. You can also go into the garden, where a meadow is to play on and beds with vegetables and berries.

Im Burgfeld 136 60439 Frankfurt am Main T. 069 15343883 ernst-may-gesellschaft.de