Eine Grafik mit dem Schriftzug Wow! Der Schriftzug ist schwarz gestreift und gelb ausgemalt.

News from the Zoo

Tree kangaroos spend the first months of their lives in their mothers’ pouches. Little ALUNA, born in February, took her first glimpses out of Mama’s pouch in May and only left it for good a few weeks ago. You’ll find the two of them at the Frankfurt Zoo in the compound between the kiwi centre and the keas. ALUNA would love to munch the yummy feed, but her awe of the zookeeper is still too great. With support from Mama WIMBE, though, she already does pretty well, as you can see in the video. It’s very important for young animals to learn to accept food directly from the keepers, in case they ever need medicine or the amount they’re eating needs to be checked. That’s why they start practising at an early age.

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