Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb

Bibelhaus – Erlebnismuseum

  • Mehrere Kinder sitzen in einer Arche
    photo: Ralf Baumgarten, © Bibelhaus – Erlebnis Museum
  • Ein altes aufgeschlagenes Buch

Fishing Boat, Nomads’ Tent, Printing Press: The Bibelhaus (Bible House) is an adventure museum with lots of things to do and try­: grind grain with a hand mill, board a sailboat, spin thread, write ancient scripts, pin a fibula to your clothing, catch the scent of Oriental fragrances, print your own pirate copy on a printing press, hold a scroll in your hands. Genuine 2,000-year old finds from Judaea and Jerusalem also await discovery. At audio stations, voices of the past tell about Romans and Pharisees, pilgrimage and fishing. A journey to the origins of scriptural religion.

Metzlerstrase 19
60594 Frankfurt am Main
T. +49 (0)69 664 265 25 www.bibelhaus-frankfurt.de