Visit museums in Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Zoo for free with the KUFTI Culture and Leisure Ticket!

The KUFTI gives children and young people free admission to Frankfurt museums and the zoo. Whether on their own or with their family, a kindergarten group, or their whole school class: over 35 museums await the young visitors.

There’s plenty to discover: tracking down prehistoric animals and dinosaurs in the Senckenberg Nature Museum or wild animals at the zoo, learning about flying mail in the Museum for Communication, encountering football heroes in the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum or Darth Vader in the Film Museum, and much, much more – all with just one ticket. We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in new worlds and experiencing fantastic stories!

Museum? Zoo? Free admission! Here’s how it works:

1. Order your ticket online
2. Received it by post
3. Show it at the ticket office
4. Visit the museum or zoo for free.

*You can apply for free tickets for Frankfurt schoolchildren, children at daycare centres, and children and young people under the age of 18 from households with a net monthly income of less than €4,500. All other families, regardless of where they live, can buy the ticket for €29 a year. The free ticket is valid up to the age of 18; the €29 euro ticket can be extended annually up to the age of 18.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

What can I use the culture and leisure ticket (KUFTI) for?

The free KUFTI offers free entry for all children and young people under the age of 18 to the non-municipal museums and the Frankfurt Zoo. The city museums have been free for children and youths since 2017.
Here is a list of all establishments.

Who can apply for the ticket?

Children and youths from households with a monthly net household income of less than 4,500 euros receive the ticket free of charge if they have a place of residence in Frankfurt or are taught at a Frankfurt school or attend day-care in Frankfurt. Everyone else can purchase the ticket for 29 euros a year, regardless of income and place of residence.

How does the application process work in practice?

Parents and legal guardians of the under 18s can submit an application in two ways: online or in person at the social town halls as part of a Frankfurt Pass application. Applicants must provide their name and address as well as the child’s name and date of birth when applying. Changes to personal living conditions that affect the entitlement to use the KUFTI free of charge, such as moving away from Frankfurt or a net household income exceeding 4,500 euros, must be reported accordingly at A move within Frankfurt can also be changed in your personal user account.

If you apply for the free option, the Frankfurt school or day-care centre must also be indicated if the place of residence is outside Frankfurt. Furthermore, you must be confirm that the household income is less than 4,500 euros and that it is possible for the Cultural Office to perform a random check of all details.  Consent to the processing of personal data (data protection) must also be given. The annual household income is the sum of the individual monthly incomes of all household members less all statutory mandatory contributions. The credit-card-sized ticket will then be sent by post.

How is the household net income calculated?

In principle, net household income includes all income from people in the household, regardless of degree of relationship, marital status and age (e.g. wages, child or parental allowance, pensions, investment income, rental income, income from self-employment, etc.) minus the statutory expenses (taxes, social security contributions, health insurance contributions, etc.). Individual liabilities such as rent, heating, loan instalments, etc. cannot be deducted.

How long is the KUFTI valid?

The free version of the ticket automatically loses its validity on the youth’s 18th birthday. The 29 euro ticket is valid for one year; shortly before the validity expires, the applicant will be informed of this and given the option of purchasing the ticket for a further year without having to reapply.

How do I use the KUFTI?

For free entry, present the KUFTI at the museum or zoo ticket desk for scanning. Each ticket has an individual code so that scanning it multiple times in a row does not allow multiple entries. The KUFTI also becomes invalid once the ticket date has expired. KUFTI holders should—if possible—be able to identify themselves upon request at the ticket desk, for example with a student ID or an insurance card.

What do I do if I lose the ticket?

If you lose your ticket, you can call the hotline at 069 97460-456 and order a new one. Please understand that a processing fee of 10 euros is levied in the event of loss.

Please note:

The KUFTI is not transferable. You have no claim to preferential treatment, e.g. priority entry when there is a large number of visitors. From the age of 16, the ticket is only valid in conjunction with a valid ID. Children and youths under the age of 16 should be able to identify themselves with a student ID card or an insurance card, if possible.