Free admission to Frankfurt museums and Frankfurt Zoo with the culture and leisure ticket!

With the KUFTI, children and young people can visit Frankfurt museums and the zoo free of charge. Whether alone, with the family, a kindergarten group or the whole school class: 38 museums await young visitors.

There is a lot to discover: On the trail of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs in the Senckenberg Nature Museum or wild animals in the zoo, flying mail in the Museum of Communication, encounters with soccer heroes in the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum and with Darth Vader in the Film Museum – all with one ticket. We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in new worlds and experiencing fantastic stories!

This is how it works!

  1. Order ticket online
  2. Receive by post
  3. Show at the cash desk
  4. Visit a museum or zoo free of charge
* The culture and leisure ticket of the city of Frankfurt am Main allows free admission to Frankfurt museums and the zoo. Free for anyone under the age of 18 with a residence, school or daycare center in Frankfurt and a net household income of up to €4,500/month, €29/year for all others.
Eine Grafik mit dem Schriftzug Das Kultur und Freizeitticket. For Everyone to the age of 18 in den Farben Gelb und Schwarz.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What can I use the culture and leisure ticket (KUFTI) for?

With the KUFTI, children and young people can visit over 35 Frankfurt museums and the zoo free of charge.
The 21 municipal museums have been free for children and young people since 2017, and with the KUFTI, the zoo, other private museums and clubs have been added, which are now also open to children and young people free of charge.
You can find an overview of all participating houses here.

Who can apply for the ticket?

The KUFTI can be applied for or ordered by anyone: There is a free and a paid version. The free version is intended for children and young people who live in a household with an income of less than 4,500 euros and who go to school or nursery in Frankfurt.
All others can purchase the ticket for 29 euros per year, regardless of their place of residence and income.

How can I order the ticket? And what requirements do I have to fulfill?

Parents or legal guardians can order the ticket for under-18s online or request it locally at the social advice centers when applying for the Frankfurt Pass.
Applicants only need to provide their name, address and the child’s name and date of birth.
To be able to order the free ticket, parents or guardians must also confirm that the total household income is less than 4,500 euros net and that the family lives in Frankfurt or that the child goes to school in Frankfurt.
Random checks of this information can be carried out by the Cultural Office after prior consultation.
Changes in personal circumstances that affect eligibility for free use of the KUFTI, such as moving away from Frankfurt or a higher monthly household income than 4,500 euros, must be reported to the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt am Main at Personal data can also be changed in the personal user account at
To order the paid ticket, parents or legal guardians only need to provide the child’s name and date of birth. The culture and leisure ticket will then be sent to you by post.

How is the net household income calculated?

Net household income includes all income of the people living in a household. The degree of kinship, marital status or age do not play a role. The income can be, for example, wages, child or parental benefit, pensions, investment income or rental income less compulsory contributions such as taxes, social security contributions or health insurance contributions.
Individual expenses such as rent, heating or loan installments cannot be deducted.

How long is the KUFTI valid for?

When the child turns 18, the KUFTI automatically loses its validity.
The ticket costs 29 euros and can be used for one year, with easy annual renewal. You will be informed before the expiry date on your 18th birthday.

How do I use the KUFTI?

Children and young people show their ticket at the museum or zoo ticket office so that the KUFTI can be scanned. The checkout staff may ask if the child can identify themselves, for example with a student ID card or an insurance card.
Each ticket has an individual code, so scanning it several times in succession does not entitle you to entry. The KUFTI also becomes invalid after the ticket date has expired.

The ticket has been lost. What now?

If you lose your ticket, you can order a new one via the hotline 069 97460-456. Please understand that a processing fee of 10 euros will be charged in the event of loss.

Is the ticket transferable?

The KUFTI is non-transferable and comes with an individual code. From the age of 16, the ticket is only valid in conjunction with a valid ID, which enables the ticket office staff to briefly check your age.


To apply for the KUFTI for classes or groups, we provide the form as a pdf. The form can be printed out and filled out together in the group/class so that it only needs to be signed by the parents/guardians. Applications can be returned to the Cultural Office in groups:
Cultural Office
Brückenstraße 3-7
60594 Frankfurt am Main

It can take up to four weeks for the tickets to reach the parents or guardians.
The applications for download are in German with the respective completion aids in the specified language:

Application Arabic / Brief information
Application Dari / Brief information
Application German / Brief information
Application Chinese / Brief information
Application English / Brief information
French application / Brief information
Application Romanian / Brief information
Application Russian / Brief information
Spanish application / Brief information
Application Turkish / Brief information

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an e-mail to