Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb

Archaeological Museum Frankfurt

  • Inneneinsicht Archäologisches Museum mit verschiedenen Gesteinen
    © Uwe Dettmar, Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt

The Archäologisches Museum (Archaeological Museum) preserves, studies, and imparts Frankfurt’s oldest history and brings classical antiquity and the ancient Orient to life!

Take a journey from the beginnings of human culture to monasteries of the High and Late Middle Ages and discover archaeological finds from Bronze and Ice Age burial mounds in the Municipal Forest and the Roman town of NIDA. Our annex, the Kaiserpfalz franoconofurd, opens a window on 2,000 years of Frankfurt history: a Roman bath, the walls of the Carolingian royal court, and late medieval cellars. In the Classical Antiquity and Ancient Orient collection, you’ll marvel at finds from the Mediterranean, Asia Minor, Greece, Italy, and Northern Africa.

The museum education team of archaeologists offers guided tours of the museum’s special and permanent exhibitions as well as suspenseful activities and workshop programmes that even let you take a bit of archaeology home with you.

Karmelitergasse 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main T. (069) 21235896 www.archaeologisches-museum-frankfurt.de