Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb

Anne Frank Educational Center

  • hoto: Felix Schmitt © Bildungsstätte Anne Frak
  • 4 Jugendliche Stehen vor einem Bildschirm mit einer Weltkarte, über dem Bildschirm stehen die Worte: "The world keeps moving".
    photo: Felix Schmitt, © Bildungsstätte Anne Frank

As a nationwide center, the Anne Frank Educational Center develops innovative concepts and methods to strengthen and empower young people and adults to actively participate in an open and democratic society. The educational center would like to encourage you to critically question social developments.

With exhibitions, seminars, workshops, training courses and advisory services, BS reaches a broad and heterogeneous audience. It supports and networks educational institutions as well as local initiatives and self-organizations of marginalized groups. The BS sees it as its task to support them in making their voices, positions and concerns heard and visible.

In its historical and political educational work, the educational institution is fundamentally guided by Otto Frank’s humanist message and the symbolic power of Anne Frank’s diary. Anne Frank’s diary entries enable young people in particular to understand where an ideology of inequality could lead.

The aim of the educational centre is to enable young people and adults to transfer this experience to their everyday lives today, to make them aware of discrimination, inhuman ideologies and instrumentalization in their environment and the central importance of acting in solidarity.

Hansaallee 150
60320 Frankfurt am Main T. (069) 5600020 www.bs-anne-frank.de