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The history and writings of a small nation in the ancient Orient have been the blueprint for religions, literature, art and culture for over 2,000 years right through to the present.

Everyone knows Anne Frank – but few people know that she and her family originated from Frankfurt, Germany. Today, the Anne Frank Educational Center is located in Frankfurt, in the neighbourhood where Anne grew up at a young age.

DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum is home to not only a museum, but also a cinema, archives and collections, festivals, digital platforms, research and digitisation projects as well as numerous educational programs, all of them uniquely brought together under a single roof.

The new Deutsches Romantik-Museum (German Romanticism Museum) is open—the first museum in the world to devote itself entirely to that epoch.

Dommuseum Frankfurt shows ecclesiastical treasury art, a rich collection of Medieval and Baroque Eucharistic vestments and important exhibits relating to Frankfurt’s Imperial cathedral.

What’s typical of Frankfurt? The answer must of course include Goethe, Äppelwoi cider, the Römer, skyscrapers – and the Eintracht Frankfurt football club.

In order to give the citizens an insight into the tradition of the fire service in the historical sense, the museum collects everything from the field of fire services. Exhibits are also being restored at great expense.

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) is among the leading independent centres for photography in Europe.

The Goethe-Haus is among the most important memorial places dedicated to the German poet.

Frankfurter Kunstverein is an interdisciplinary exhibition space for contemporary art and culture.