Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb

Dommuseum Frankfurt

  • photo: Axel Schneider, © Dommuseum Frankfurt
    Image of the entrance
  • Ein junger Mann steht vor einer Vitrine und schaut sich die goldene Sammlung des Dommuseums an
    photo: Wolfgang Guenzel © Dommuseum Frankfurt

Dommuseum Frankfurt shows ecclesiastical treasury art, a rich collection of Medieval and Baroque Eucharistic vestments and important exhibits relating to Frankfurt’s Imperial cathedral. The latter range from early Medieval archaeological finds to evidence of its historicistic redesign in the early 19th century. One of the most important exhibits in Dommuseum is a find unearthed in 1991 at excavations in the cathedral itself: The grave of two children who were buried here around 700 CE. On Wednesdays to Sundays there is a public tour of the cathedral. Private tours can be booked through the Cathedral Museum.

Domplatz 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main
T. (069) 13376186 www.dommuseum-frankfurt.de