Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb


  • Quer Kreuzgan des Kameliterklosters. Innenansicht mit großen Fenstern
    photo: Uwe Dettmer, © Institut für Stadtgeschichte Frankfurt
  • Außenansicht des Historischen Museums mit Vorplatz.
    photo: Uwe Dettmar, Institut für Stadtgeschichte Frankfurt

The Institut für Stadtgeschichte (Institute for the History of Frankfurt) is Frankfurt’s ‘memory’. Its archive, containing administrative records and official documents—some over 1,100 years old—as well as numerous private documents and collections is freely accessible to all. We also present the history of the city of Frankfurt in changing exhibitions.

At the Institut für Stadtgeschichte, children and teens can form a direct and vibrant relationship to the history of their city or district and learn about the life of a document from its origins to its place in the archive. The archive education programme offers school classes and families a variety of workshops combining guided tours and activities to provide insights into archive work and the history of the city of Frankfurt. The ‘HerangeZoomt’ (‘ZoomedIn’) workshops take place online and can be booked free of charge. For further information: Institut für Stadtgeschichte Frankfurt.

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