Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb

Stoltze-Museum der Frankfurter Sparkasse

Stoltze-Museum was founded in 1978 and is supported by Frankfurter Sparkasse and Frankfurter Sparkasse foundation. The Museum relocated to Frankfurt’s new Old Town in 2018. In the staircase of “Weißer Bock” and in the rear building of “Goldene Waage” visitors can find a permanent exhibition and changing temporary exhibitions on the life and work of Friedrich Stoltzes (1816 – 1891). A multi-media presentation looks at the freedom poet who fought for civil rights and democracy in the German Confederation and the Bismarck era.

Markt 7
60311 Frankfurt am Main
T. (069) 26414006 www.frankfurter-sparkasse.de