Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb

Zoo Frankfurt

  • 6 Erdmännchen stehend und sitzend auf Sand
    photo: Daniel Rosengren © Zoo Frankfurt
  • zwei Marabus photo: Matthias Besant © Zoo Frankfurt

Over 4,500 very large and very small animals from around 500 different species live in Frankfurt Zoo. Here you can travel to the realm of the spectacled bears, explore the world of the great apes or watch lions and tigers. In the Grzimekhaus day turns into night. Bats show their flying skills and grasping spines, night monkeys, sloths &. Co. let you participate in their nightly goings-on. Little fur seals and seals frolic on the seal cliffs. You can follow their daring swimming maneuvers through the underwater views. Past giraffes, birds of prey, hippopotamus and rhinoceros it goes to the petting zoo, where the dwarf goats look forward to your visit.

The playground at the Exotarium offers plenty of space to let off steam. Even a visit to the Frankfurt Zoo when it rains is fun, because there is also a lot to discover in the many animal houses.

In descriptive and entertaining programs you can get to know biological and ecological relationships and be amazed about current and anything but boring nature conservation topics. Exciting information on animal husbandry in the Frankfurt Zoo is also not neglected. Many anecdotes transform dry biological facts into an interesting and varied visit to the zoo. The education and mediation department offers unforgettable tours with different focuses. The varied offers include guided tours for schoolchildren of all ages, guided tours for children’s birthday parties, holiday programs and the youth club. Families and other private groups are also welcome.

Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1
60316 Frankfurt am Main T. (069) 21233735 www.zoo-frankfurt.de