Eine Grafik mit Aufschrift: Wow in den Farben schwarz und Gelb

Fantastic vacation fun – vacation in the museum

Every year, Frankfurt’s museums offer a great summer holiday program: “Imagination gives wings” with lots of great activities for children and young people aged 4 to 14. Whether time travel or detective work, working with clay, marveling at pictures or painting yourself, no wishes remain unfulfilled here.

The “Fantastic Holiday Fun” program is also available for the first time this year. From July 30 to August 2, you can get to know two museums every day from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm!

The program is free with KUFTI, Kulturpass, Frankfurt-Pass and for refugee children. You can now register for your museum summer here: dam.vermittlung@stadt-frankfurt.de or 069 212 310 76

We are particularly pleased to receive registrations from children who can use the free KUFTI.

City views on 29.07. I 09.30-16.30 I Young Museum and German Film Institute & Film Museum

Take in the city and see it anew. The group discovers the surroundings of both museums with a drawing pad and their favorite pencil for urban sketching and a cell phone or drawing camera. Views of the city can also be captured by experimenting with the camera obscura or the photographic process of cyanotype.

Search and find on 30.07. | 09.30-16.30 I German Architecture Museum and Jewish Museum

The day is all about searching and finding. In the Museum Judengasse, it is Levi, the friendly ghost, who wants to be found. But the urban space also holds many secrets, and if you look closely, you will find them.

What does our city sound like? on 31.07. | 09.30-16.30 I Weltkulturen Museum and Museum Moderne Kunst

From the Weltkulturen Museum we go out into the city, immerse ourselves in the landscape of sounds and create our own soundscapes. With a keen sense of hearing, we set images of cities in the MUSEUM MMK FOR MODERN ART to music in short videos.

Old walls and colorful collages on 01.08. | 09.30-16.30 I Archaeological Museum and Museum Giersch

The Carmelite monastery has been hidden away in the middle of Frankfurt for 800 years. We go on a discovery tour together. Afterwards, the children create urban collages in the Giersch Museum at Goethe University, inspired by the exhibition “Paris, Königstein, Berlin. Louise Rösler (1907-1993)”.

How to make an emperor & cathedral tower tour on 02.08. | 09.30-16.30 I Young Museum and Cathedral Museum

Important events in Frankfurt’s history were the imperial elections and coronations in the cathedral. With the JuM city tour “How to make an emperor”, the group visits central locations of the event such as Römerberg and the Kaisersaal. In the cathedral, you can then admire the city from above from the tower and design your own towers.

You can also download the entire program here.